In stock and ready to go, the latest in work and corporate wear. Embroidered polo's, printed t -shirts and a whole lot more.


We provide promotional t-shirts and running wear for professional runners and tri-athletes. All branded with their sponsor.


Trent Casuals work closely with many charities across the UK providing promotional clothing.

Embroidered Garments

We embroider up to 8 colours and  print up to 6 colours at any one time.


Great as uniform and promotional wear


Not just casual..

We have range of smart wear ready for branding.

Garments branded

Here at Trent Casuals we embroider and print onto many varying garments, whether it's PPE work wear for those that need to be seen or a traditional polo shirt and sweatshirt combination we cater for all kinds of work forces.

For more information click on our online catalogue and browse the thousands of garments on offer.